Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekending; and walk-by creeping!

I spent Friday evening and the majority of Saturday with my brother
his wife and her parents. They were both really nice. Friday night our
little group had dinner at a very smarmy grill & lounge named Joey's.
I swear one of the qualifications to work there was to be an aspiring
Super Model. After dinner we saw the new Star Trek movie. With out
spoiling the movie allow me to just say Wow!
Saturday we headed to Snoqualmie falls. This amazing waterfall is
about thirty minutes away from my house and could not be more
picturesque or beautiful. When you first arrive there is a resort and
lodge at the top and a steep hiking trail down to the base of the
falls. We took pictures at different points during the hike but I
think mostly we were trying not to fall on our rears. The slope down
was determined and steady. On the way back up the trail I saw this
girl and this boy
On their way down, I managed to accidently creep them out as only
I can. Note to self randomly greeting strangers with their first and
last names is a teensy bit creepy. Go figure.
random fact: writing this blog was a fantastic way to spend my lunch.

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