Sunday, May 03, 2009

Post vacation Crack, or S'mores Anyone?

        I have noticed a funny thing about a post vacation work week.. I am actually working... I don't know what they had in the water on the East Coast but I have just been running my ass off at work since I have been back. Now, don't get me wrong, I work a lot to begin with, but very rarely do I ever feel the necessity to do my job with any amount of added exertion. More than once a day for the passed week someone either a customer or an employee has commented on my fast pace. Today I was just bolting all over the place. It was ridiculous. 
    Can I just say that Inara is adorable? she is currently bounding around playing with anything that dares move in her presence. I am trying to teach her auditory cues.  In hopes that she might start coming when I call her. Man she is picky. She might just be the only cat on the planet that doesn't eat fish flavored anything. So far she enjoys Chicken flavors so at least there is that.  
   I have every intention of writing a blog entitled "more little things", or "it's all in the details", which would be some of my vacation stories that didn't make it into the blog that week due either to lack of time or patience with the Iphone touchscreen keyboard, I think about it almost daily but haven't managed to actually sit down and write it out all proper like. OOOh blog cliffhangers... I bet you can hardly wait. 

   Random Photo:  
   So another Blogger that I read (HayleyGHoover) mentioned her love for smores recently and I have been craving them daily ever since, and then today while I was grocery shopping I saw this Display at the store... How did they know????


Laurie said...

I think the s'mores display must be a requirement or something in preparation for the warm weather because last night as I was shopping they had a display up also. I was in awe for a moment because I love them as well, anything s'mores flavored, and I know I mentioned that to you, I hope you remembered!!! hehe.

RFG said...

If you are interested in getting to Philly, with a good job and have the Gov't move you like a military PCS contact me I can probably help. My phone # is the same or you can get me on AKO first name . middle inital . last name.