Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stuffy Head, And New Britches

     I can not shake this Head cold to save my life... it is so effing frustrating.... especially when I am trying to eat because I can't breathe through my nose. So I end up chewing my food like some kind of Cow chewing its curd. *Chew,(breath) Chew, (Breath) Chew (Breath) * Try telling me that isn't five kinds of sexy.
   So I was ringing up these three women today while at work and all three of them were purchasing new panties. Which isn't a big deal people buy underwear on a semi-regular basis. The part that annoyed me is that every time I Picked up a pair of panties, the girls, (early twenties at youngest) would giggle. I mean seriously folks, are we that Immature???
  And then to add insult to injury while I was purchasing my own underwear the girl out the check out was obviously uncomfortable and giggling at the site of mine... I was like hello, I am not wearing them at the moment. 
   I finished the last Episodes of Star Trek Enterprise last night, and tonight I have started Supernatural tonight... slightly different types of shows... to say the least.

Random Thought: I am not wearing underwear!!!! 

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Jennifer said...

No underwear? Damn. What a tease ;)