Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Now obligatory Skype-list Blog

     For those of you that read this blog that are not involved in YouTube, Stickam or Blogtv this blog will not make very much sense to you. Skype is an instant messenger service similar to MSN, Yahoo or AIM with the exception that it is about a thousand times better. 
     For those of you that are involved with some of the aforementioned Online community, By now you get the gist of what is going on, as far as I can tell Tara was the originator of this format, I could be wrong it has been known to happen. My first encounter of it was through Neechers.

Not all of these are happy, those who know i am talking about them, know why. 

These are in no specific order, though if you guess I will tell you yes or no. 

~ I missed your wedding because I couldn't afford to go, we have only talked once since then and it is killing me. I am truly sorry. 
~You were one of my first youtube friends and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you so well,  I truly hope that you are able to find the person you have been looking for. I spend our entire conversations hoping I am able to make you smile just one more time.  Viva le Pants-less Revolution
~You have an amazing eye and mind for film making, though your tardiness is highly amusing to me, I enjoy your friendship. Damn you and your Intro (LOL)
~I have only just started talking to the two of you on a regular basis, but I have really enjoyed our conversations "BAM! Balloon Animals"
~You are a sweet heart and totally like a little sister to me. and I will never again hear the word Babes with out thinking about the consequences. 
~You are the best Secret Santa ever, and I am so glad that I know you. I often wonder how many times you yell code tiger into your empty room. 
~ You are one of the few people on the planet that I attempt to answer every call, you are a sweet heart and I truly hope that you are able to find whoever it is that you are looking for, My life is forever changed in knowing you. 
~ I really don't like you and truly I only continue to talk with you because I don't want to be rude. 
~You kind of creep me out, which in and of itself is impressive, I wish you would realize that some of the things you say make a lot of us uncomfortable.
~I can not believe I have you as a contact, You were my first youtube crush and my favorite BlogTV host, I literally have had to fight the urge to randomly bloop you since you first babysat me on my brief excursion into the WoW universe, thank you again for resurrecting me so many times.
~You are an amazing musician, You and I had a moment in Seattle, of all the people I met that day i was most enamored by you, you are an incredibly charismatic singer and I look forward to the release of your first album... ps please effing write more songs... 
~The footage of your Birthday dance will forever live in infamy, I miss our tweet conversations while watching movies, oh by the way.... Bowie he is too old. 
~I have rewritten this three times as all of our inside jokes are more or less way too inappropriate, I am so blessed to have you as a friend, and I am so very thankful. 
~I miss our conversations and while you will always remain on a pedestal in my mind, a part of me can not get the image of you being upside down saying you ABC's backward out of my mind. 
~The two of you have re-claimed the throne of cutest online couple (after it was stolen by two obvious posers for a brief moment in time.) I hope the week ahead brings the two of you closer and that it is everything you both want it to be.
~you are an awesome person, Your accent is freaking amazing, I enjoy your wit, and look forward to more collaborations with you. What ever happened to that bum clip?
~I haven't given much thought to why we have stopped talking, your ego was always overly present, and you didn't hide the fact that it annoyed you that I didn't give in to your every whim, calling me Fadam in your blog was typical for someone as two faced as you. I expect nothing less.
Random Disclaimer 
I am sure that someone will feel left out. I didn't deliberately omit anyone as should be obvious by the less than pleasant tone of some of them.

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