Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life's Little Moments

While I find more and more that sleep evades me, I am finding more and more people that I enjoy spending my waking moments with. This Laurie girl that I mentioned previously, for example. She started as a pen-pal and grew to be someone that I am genuinely smitten with. Obviously with my history I am more guarded than I have been in the past. Which can only be a good thing. I am far too old to still be throwing my heart out to every girl that smiles in my direction. I've noticed that in the interim of my growing attraction to miss Laurie some people in my more immediate surroundings have been noticing me, which translates to more hiding on my part. I have decided to nickname them more for my amusement than this blog. As of right now only one of them has a nickname I call her hummingbird, which to be honest is probably the rudest, cute nickname I have ever coined. The reason I have named her Hummingbird is that she has a bad habit of hovering around whenever our shifts overlap. (Which thankfully with me on Graveyard is not very often.) She is a nice enough girl. She just has a lot of Drama that I am not looking to invest in. I.e two children at least one angry abusive baby's daddy oh and I DO NOT DATE WAL~MART!  That is I no longer date WAL~MART. LOL. I honestly do not need another Chapter of the I hate James Club... It is not a Freaking franchise for goodness sakes. 

Random thought: It occurs to me that as Laurie reads this she might start hyperventilating.... breathe in breath out... you are the one I am calling right now!

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