Monday, December 15, 2008

and sometimes the lights are left on

So after my craptastic sleep over at work I came home that morning and apparently left my headlights on all damn day. On the upside it encouraged me to finally purchase Booster Cables. Who the hell owns a 30 year old vehicle and doesn't own booster cables? So uh I don't want to go to work for the effing record. 

Random Fact: A second storm is on it's way in.... I am so not amused. 


Anonymous said...

As The Eagles would sing. "Get over it!"
It's winter next Sunday, so snow fell early.

Anonymous said...

You should grow up; you act worse than some 16 year old's I know. If you don't talk to someone then stop stalking them on the internet.

Anonymous said...

By the way this is directed at Mr. Brooks above me. The one with the Beatles icon.