Monday, November 10, 2008

Modern Marvels???

One significant difference between my annoying roommate and myself. (Aside from the consideration for others gene that he lacks.) And his unbelievable disgusting lack of manners. Is the nonsense that I catch him watching on TV. Right now he is watching the history channel, I have no prob with that because I know I have found myself staring at that channel for an hour or more at a time. I just don't understand the car shows. shrug. It might be that when I hear a title like Modern Marvels I think of a comic book company as opposed to a supercharged engine... I can be funny that way.
***Edit: Random update on Fable II that I almost forgot, in the game I have two wives and three children and on one of my trips to visit one of my wives there was a letter waiting for me stating that someone was going to try and blackmail me by telling said wives that they were not my one and only. How do i solve this blackmail problem, I meet the middle-man that I am supposed to give the requested amount to, and I shoot him, in the face. Problem solved.

Random Fact of the Day... I am wearing pants!!!!! 

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mary said...

so, do you want me to pretend you didn't get it right?