Monday, November 03, 2008

Brrrrraaaiiinnsss make me laugh...


So I says to Gladys I says “BRRRAAAIIINNNS! BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” and she tells Herman at the corner store “BRRRAAAIIINNNS!BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” so of course Herman runs home to Agnes and says to her “BRRRAAAIIINNNS! BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” which you know how Agnes is, first thing she does is call up Dolores and go on and on about “BRRRAAAIIINNNS! BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” so Dolores can’t resist telling old Willie “BRRRAAAIIINNNS! BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” the next time she’s at the gas station and wouldn’t you know the next customer Willie has is Mr. Fillmore the bank president who gets to hear all about “BRRRAAAIIINNNS! BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” and naturally as soon as he gets back to the bank he tells his secretary, that Gloria, “BRRRAAAIIINNNS! BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” and let me tell you she’s got a mouth on her next thing you know my Edwin hears Gloria telling the guy at the newsstand “BRRRAAAIIINNNS!BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” and he comes home like he knows something and he asks me what do I know about this “BRRRAAAIIINNNS!BRRRAAAIIINNNS!” people are talking about and I go ””BRRRAAAIIINNNS!? BRRRAAAIIINNNS!? I started it!”

Then we ate each other’s brains.

So I saw this shirt.. and it made me laugh... Do Zombies Gossip??? 

Random Fact.... You just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading about zombie gossip...

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