Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Scares Me???

What scares me. I think this question bothers me more than any of the others I have asked. I don't fear death, or villains or gore. Simply stated I am scared to death of being forgotten. Here is my completely rationalized thought process on the matter. From the moment we are born there is only one thing we have to do. We, every single one of us will eventually die. Life is a Race and as fleeting and fast paced as that is, It is a hard truth and it is the one race no one ever wants to finish first. That is truly why I write my blog, when I started it over three years ago I honestly didn't think I would be coming home. I wanted something of me to be remembered, or to be really cheesy something of me to live on.

I did take today off and mostly I napped, wrote an incredibly long email from which my hand is still cramping and have plans to end the night watching the Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's alright you can be jealous, it's sexy.

Random Thought to ponder: Why don't more psychics win the lottery?

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