Monday, October 20, 2008

Fable II the wait is over

2008-10-20  Five years ago the Xbox nation was introduced to the concept of choice dictating Fate. The Game was Fable and albeit with loftier promises than pay outs Peter Molyneux gave us the first glimpse of what would become a standard on next Generation consoles. Choice dictating Fate is an over simplified way of saying that the plot and look of your Character (or Avatar) will more or less be directed by choices you make through out the game, If you chose to terrorize the little girl clutching her doll in the introduction of the original Game you would be chastised but the game would continue. At the conclusion of the original game depending on the path you chose your Hero would either have the essence of a god or the tell tale signs of horns and the hooves to match.   

Obviously I was a big fan of the original game as well as the expanded edition that was released a little over a year later titled Fable: The Lost Chapters it was more or less the same game with a few minor changes and an ending that added an hour or so to the game play and story line of the Original. One of the most common complaints of Fable was the small scale of the world, and the lack of many promises made by Molyneux.   

Fable II has been in development for a little over three years, the Game was officially announced  originally for a spring 08 release, much to this columnists dismay there have been several release dates promised and ignored in the past 7 months. Tomorrow Oct 21st is the official release date. I will be standing out side my local Gamestop at ten pm tonight to get my hands on a limited edition.   

According to the articles I have read to date this adventure in Albion promises to be a larger more detailed world, with the option to choose you Hero’s gender and a canine ally to help guide you along the way. I do not expect this to be the end all to beat all games, I do however expect it to hold my attention longer than some of the other games that have been released this year.Here’s Hoping

Random Fact! this post is not written in my normal format.... there is probably a reason... be jealous. 

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Willie said...

God this makes me wish i had an xbox 360.

Or at the very least a computer that could run fable without exploding.