Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Doing The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons"

So I have to admit that the one positive thing that can be said about this country is that the weather is never boring. Completely Random and entirely unpredictable but never boring. All in all yesterday was a nice day (If you ignore the 109 degree heat that is amplified due to the up armored vehicles we cruise around in.) And then as soon as it got dark, quite literally out of nowhere we were hit by a High gale sandstorm. (Which if it hadn’t rained recently would have been much worse.) And during the sand storm it started to rain. And that is when we were introduced to Mud Rain. Even though it did not rain for very long it was enough to make quite a mess. A lot of the Port-O-Johns were knocked over (ewww) and everything is covered in mud including our Hooches (slang for trailers) As I was once again awakened at an un-Godly hour (0630, On my day off any time of day before noon is un-Godly.) I decided to clean off my door, it didn’t take long and with very little effort I give the impression that I take initiative. As I was finishing up The NCOIC and another soldier were walking by, the soldier asked if I would do his door next... I said “Hell no soldier, you need to show some initiative”... 3 minutes later I saw the NCOIC Cleaning off his door... Mwa ha ha ha ha! Dance puppets!!! Dance!!! Hmm every once in a while I start to think I might do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Eh as long as it gets done I suppose. I haven’t seen “Off Limits” for something like three weeks and then out of nowhere I bumped into her twice today, damn she is pretty. The partially sad thing is that she has a cold sore (or herpes) on her lip and it is very noticeable, so I think I might have been a little rude while I was talking to her because my eyes kept drifting from her very pretty brown eyes to the very unsightly mark on her lower lip. Does that make me shallow? I bought a Mad Magazine today. I haven’t even looked at Mad in something like 10 years or so, well that was true until about three weeks ago someone had one at work that was poking fun at House MD (a great show on fox) Anyway the reason I bring up this particular magazine is less for its mildly humorous content then a Pull out poster I found in the magazine. It resembles one of those old Uncle Sam “I Want You” Army Recruiting posters with the exception that Uncle Sam is actually George W. Bush holding a pair of head phones against his head with his left hand and Pointing at you with the right. It says I HEAR YOU very large and then underneath in smaller letters it says “Thanks To Unwarranted Wiretapping” He he he. Obviously a jab at the Patriot Act so I of course displayed it proudly on my wall. (Barbie hasn’t seen it yet but I can almost feel the dead arm that I’m going to receive after he does.) And even with many scantily clad women all around it. It stands out all on its own. I made the mistake of taking a five hour nap today. I say mistake because I normally only sleep 3-5 hours a night. Which means the odds of me getting any further sleep are going to run slim to none. Doh! Thank you all for the positive responses to my previous blog. Oddly there seems to be one response absent. I should not be surprised though as even a dog learns to stop barking after you smack it on the snout enough times. Oh I can’t believe I almost forgot. Last night I finally was able to make my reservations at the Hale KOA. I wasn’t able to get the category of suite that I had wanted (Deluxe Ocean Front) but I was able to get the category right below it (Ocean View) with the possibility of an upgrade if there is any cancellations in the Deluxe Suites. This is going to be such an awesome vacation. I am literally chomping at the bit an expectation. I am pretty sure that I am starting to drive my fellow soldiers a little batty as all I do is talk about Hawaii. The way I see it is the more I talk about it the more real it seems. A couple of my female friends have asked me to bring them back leis. I am commissioning all of you to help me to remember to do that. Don’t you just love how I delegate authority with such ease? So here is a Random thought Does Hawaii have nude beaches???
Oh the fun I am going to have.... grin

Not So Random Progress on the Count Down:
44 Days and counting ...

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Gram & Gramps said...

Sorry!!! No nude beaches on O`ahu. We will be sure to remind you about the lei. They will have to be unique but without flowers since you won't have any way to keep them fresh on the long trip back. Our favorite lei stand has created some really beautiful ones that really last.

Guess he figured out that this family supports all of its members 1000% and doesn't put up with attacks of any kind against any of us.

We are marking the days off the calendar. What date do you think you will actually arrive?

Love you

Gram & Gramps