Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lost In A Sea Of Indifference

Please excuse my tardiness I had some technical difficulties with a wordperfect program last night. Did you all know Don Knotts died the day before yesterday, ( He was the deputy on the Andy Griffith Show, as well as Mr. Roeper on Three's Company and many other parts that I can't list off the top of my head.) And now back to regularly scheduled program.
I find myself lost in a sea of indifference. I am working with so many people who just don’t care. Aside from that rather unsettling information, I learned a new way to play the Golf card game yesterday, it rapidly became much more difficult. So many more rules. So of course I lost. That is putting it in a way where I keep my dignity intact. In truth I crashed and burned. I truly do not understand how I can enjoy a game so much that I am so very, very bad at. We played with four people, the three other players scores combined was still considerably lower than mine. Thankfully I redeemed myself today by whomping everyone. I think I finally found my groove. Is there such a thing as a Golf groove? the two words seem like an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp or military intelligence.
A couple of posts ago I received a comment asking which grandparents I was eluding to. Just to clear the confusion I was referring to The same grandparents that read and comment on my blog each and every day. My step-dad’s parents. (Is it me or does step-dad seem cold and uncaring?) I managed to sleep till a little past noon on my day off. Although R.F.G. did try to roust me into consciousness around 08:15 or so. To which I groggily replied “I have no intention of moving from this spot for at least another 4 hours.” That was actually the first of two interruptions. The second was to sign some form saying I received a class on suicide prevention or something. (Signed the paper, though I had not taken said class recently.) Ahhh the pencil whipped ARMY (or pen as it were)
I wonder if the aforementioned people realize how much more difficult they make their lives with their me first attitudes. I had a discussion yesterday with someone who is so annoyed by his lack of promotion that he has decided he is going to stop doing anything and everything until they promote him. I myself fail to see the logic in this particular line of thought, but as it is the ARMY, logic is rarely the front runner as far as thoughts are concerned. A common rule of thumb is if it makes sense to do something in a different way to reject that path as the army is against that kind of thinking. When did we become so cynical?

This Just In:
This is going to be the first installment of many on my new developments category of the Sand Box Files.. I am sure that it will normally be a space for me to do my own version of Cheers & Jeers for which ever movie I have recently viewed (on the schedule for tonight is the Johnny Cash Bio-flick Walk the line.)Today however it is something completely different and the reason for the new category. As I was driving to fill up my HUMMV, I believe I drove past “Off Limits” ( For those who don’t remember “Off Limits was the very attractive M.W.R. employee that had me smitten for longer than I will readily admit.) I am not completely sure it was her, but if I had to place a percentage on my recollection of what she looked like from behind I would say a cool 90%. Does that sound as degrading as it looks? I hope not.

Random Question of the Blog:
I know that according to the Bible all of God’s creatures serve a purpose. So could someone please explain to me what purpose gnats and flies serve. They are so completely annoying. Sheesh!!! And now that I think about it why is the “G” silent in Gnat? If a letter is silent why have it there, it encourages the masses to over pronounce it. Like knife for example. I often pronounce the heck out of the K just to bug people.... The things I do to amuse myself....

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Gram & Gramps said...

You are right - "Step-dad" does sound cold and uncaring. That is why Gramps has always said that he would be whatever Ted wanted him to be, but, never "Step-dad". He lit up like a Christmas tree the first time Ted called him "Dad" and he has always talked about Ted to others as "our son" not just "Joan's or my wife's son". You and your brothers became our "Grandsons" not our "Step-grandsons".

The purpose of gnats and flies is to make us grateful when they aren't around to bother us.

Lots of love,

Gram & Gramps