Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tests & Time Management

I wonder sometimes if I am being tested. It seems that I am constantly falling into situations that push me to my wits end. The first example is small and sort of petty. But eh what can you do… I don’t know if you are aware but while we are in Iraq we have to carry our weapons around with us everywhere we go. In order to help make this just a little bit easier we have a shoulder strap,( or sling) in which case normally we just carry our weapon slung over our back…. For some unknown reason my sling is constantly coming undone… and usually in a loud crashing noise kind of way.. Especially If it happens to be late at night on my night off and I am trying to walk through my tent with out disturbing anyone… long story short I have tried a lot of different ways to solve this problem and nothing has worked. RFG has suggested that I tape it… But to be honest it just doesn’t look nice with tape all over your weapon, you know? (the word I’ve grown fond of using is Icky) as I said small and petty.
Recently I have been accused of not managing my time well... I work 12 hour shifts every thirty six hours. Which means that I should have an ample amount of time to do things like sleep, write my blog, write my emails, watch what ever movie catches my fancy ( as I am writing this I am watching season 2 of Charmed ) eat, shower and go to the Gym. Now granted I do spend an obscene amount of time in the gym. In my defense the person accusing me of not managing my time is the reason I am in the gym for so long. (Today I was in the gym for four hours straight. How sick is that?) Anyway for some reason I can't seem to sleep. I should have the time but it always seems to get all befuddled... (I really like that word) Mainly I think it comes from the fact that I am always trying to do something that isn't necessary. (Such as pine after an MWR Employee like "Off Limits") Or spending large sums of money on DVD's I will probably only watch once in the entire year that I’ll be Here.... That reminds me as of the sixth of this month we have completed the first quarter of our year long tour of the SandBox. Only nine months to go! Wahoo! So the Sexy Idahoan and I put a little wager on the Bengal’s-Steelers game tonight (20 bucks to the winner) we tried to get RFG in on it but he said no. I am really hoping that they win... I don't need the money but the "Sexy Idahoan" has been talking smack all day long about how the Steelers are just going to wipe the field with the Bengal’s... And well I just have to hold on to hope that my precious Cinci Bengal’s will find what ever it is they have lost over the past two weeks. Like the ability to win a game. So despite my commitment to the gym, there are a few people who out rank me that don't think I am working hard enough. Translation they want me to do more.... Apparently some of my friends have been getting pressure to make sure I am doing everything in my power to be physically fit. Sigh what ever....

Random Fact Of The Blog:
Nintendo (as in the people who make the Gamecube console and the Gameboy portable game things) was founded in 1889, when they manufactured playing cards, and attempted to make Italians larger by feeding them mushrooms… let it simmer its funnier than you think


Mr. Brooks said...

"The difference between a smart person and a wise person is that a smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it. "

Sorry your Bengal’s didn't make the playoff's. Go Pittsburgh!! j/k

Gram & Gramps said...

We were rooting for your Bengals and were really upset when they didn't win. We really don't like the Steelers.

Of course you are being tested, every day, all of the time. We all are. Here's an example. Fri. night when we started home from a party the battery and brake lights went on and stayed on - all the way home. (Remember, on Sat. I needed the car to pick up the flowers and cake for Gramps' party). Our mechanic is the best, but, he doesn't work on Sat. Sooo, our neighbor who plays the bass trombone with the Honolulu Symphony took me to pick up the flowers and the cake, and, we took a cab to our party and asked one of our friends to bring us home. The party was a huge success (several of our friends bawled us out for not calling them for help in doing our errands)and the food was wonderful. Sunday, we walked to Safeway and got the papers and veggies for soup and bottled water (normally, Gramps drives to get the paper and goes to MacDonalds for fruit & yogurt parfaits and coffee). This morning, the car actually started, and, Gramps drove it down to the mechanic's place and called a cab to take him to work. I will probably get a call from Kyle (our mechanic) around noon and walk down to pick the car up, then I will go pick Gramps up at Wackenhut (at the airport) when he gets off at 1645. I do believe that we have been passing all of our tests lately. You are so right, it wouldn't look nice with tape - plus- it really wouldn't be considered regulation either. But,,,have you considered black duct tape. Ha! Ha! It seems to work on everything we have used it on - including Gramps' sandal straps which are constantly breaking. Oh! I forgot, the doctor released Gramps on Sat., no restrictions of any kind.

Lots of love