Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Gym Dandy Realization!

This is the Fifty first blog I have posted so masltov ! Or something. (I'm so not Jewish) So I guess I should mention that "Off Limits" is back in town. I found out she was back by her walking into the gym during my work out yesterday. As she walked in I dropped the bar bell I was holding. And almost lost my toe in the process. Here is the kicker, seeing as everyone here thinks I’m madly in love with her. (It is a crush people nothing more.... I don't know the first thing about her.) There are a couple of people who are trying to get her to talk to me. It isn't as though I don't appreciate it, I do really. I just don't think I am meant to meet the woman I am going to marry in Iraq. For all I know she lives in Louisiana... (More on that at a later date.) Have you ever known someone that was really easy to annoy... No that isn't the right word. Someone who had buttons that were I don’t know out there for everyone to push? I have a friend that for some reason I can not stop pushing his buttons. He is a good kid. He is just so easily poked and prodded. I feel bad after I do it. (I would feel bad when I did it but usually I’m busy laughing.) I just can't stop pushing him. And I really don't know why. Does that make me a bad person? Okay I wanted to talk about something else, but for the life of me I can not think of what it was. RFG just walked in and reminded me what it was I wanted to talk about. Today I was in the gym and I was looking at myself in the mirror (I hate that I do that even more now than I used to. (Which was, to be honest, alot to begin with) it isn't that I’m narcissistic or anything I'm just looking to find what someone else might see... does that make sense? Anyway I was looking in the mirror and I realized that my right arm is bigger than my left. (Please keep all masturbating jokes to the minimum thank you...) They are both muscular but for obvious reasons my left arm is noticeably smaller... So yeah I look like a freak. At least I am a buff freak. Hmmm about that

Random Fact of the blog:
Montpelier, Vermont, is the only US state capital without a McDonald’s. So the obese people there have nothing to blame except TV, delicious cheese flavored snacks (a personal favorite of mine), other fast-food joints.


Mr. Brooks said...

People may forget who you are, but they will never foget how you make them feel.

Rebecca said...

It Rebecca from New Orleans... Hi James... so explain to me what is so wrong with Louisiana??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!