Friday, December 09, 2005

Show Your Work...

So a friend of RFG's sent this little Math problem to him, we all got a kick out of it so I thought I would pass it along to you.... Do not take it seriously it is supposed to make you smile!

1. To Find a woman you need Time and Money Therefore:

Woman = Time x Money

2. "Time is Money" so


3. Therefore

Woman =Money x Money

4. "Money is the Root of all evil"

Money = Root of all Evil

5. Therefore:

Women = Evil

I realize it isn't hilarious but it brought a smile to our faces. Not to much else to report other than the Fact that once again people are trying to get me to talk to yet another female (Off limits) Oh and I ran 2 miles with a flak Vest today. That was about as much fun as licking multiple barnacles off an ocean liner... While it is still moving. RFG and I are conspiring to keep me at Scania but we haven't got a decisive answer yet...I just purchased the entire Star Trek The next generation Series for 40 bucks...I am such a Nerd. Oh! oh! oh! And I recieved my first package today! Thank you Mom and Dad,

Random Fact of the Day...
Dolphins are the only species of mammals other than humans that copulate (it means have the sex) for pleasure. Does anyone remember that Show SeaQuest DSV... With the Dolphin Darwin? Anyway, thank you Dr. Fish for you contribution .


Anonymous said...

lol youre very welcome!!!

sexy idahoan said...

I made it, but I hope you weren't worried about me because I know how gay you are.