Tuesday, December 13, 2005

From A Distance....

That's right ladies and gents two blogs in one day. And how did you get to be so lucky you ask??? Well truth is I have something to say... I truly don't like when other people are upset. I think I'm some what empathetic,,, (no Sexy Idahoan or RFG not pathetic) I am usually able to read someone's true emotions despite what ever face they have on... No I don't think I'm psychic... I prefer to think of it as being more observant than the average person. The reason I bring this up is yesterday "Off Limits" was crying I walked past her twice and both times she was wiping tears from her eyes... I feel like I am responsible for her even if it is from a distance. RFG told me it wasn't any of my business and that he saw her laughing with another person.. Seconds before the second time I saw her... I don't know I just feel bad.. I don't even know her name... Let alone how to make what ever is bothering her better.... Not that I think I would be able to if I did, but I would try... She isn't the only one, the more I look around the more I see people acting out, trying to hide their emotions so that they don't look weak. I feel bad for them.. To be honest If I didn't have the Sandbox Files this time around I honestly think I might lose my sanity... I always feel so much lighter after I post something... Its my digital counselor which makes you all colleagues, so stop being mean....Grin... I am mainly talking to RFG and The Sexy Idahoan... Truth be told everyone handles their emotions in their own way... I would like to think that someone talking to me helps with their issues... but eh... what do I know???

Second Random Fact of the Day: A Boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the Wright brothers' first flight. How is that for progress.....????


Gram & Gramps said...

Just in case your E-mail isn't working (or you aren't bothering to check it), here's the report on Gramps. He's fine, we are home and he's already had one bowl of hot vegetable soup (I made it yesterday). He had a wonderful surgeon,and the surgery only took 45 min. as he was able to do the laparascopic surgery. We have gradually learned from others that he had the top surgeon in town and we feel very fortunate. He has promised not to try to go back to work until after Christmas even if he feels like he can. The doctor said he could do whatever he feels comfortable doing so I think he is going to work very hard to set a record in healing.

FYI You know a lot!! You are right, talking about things helps a lot and you are very good at listening. That's why people come to you. People sense the caring that you feel for others.

We love you.

Gram & Gramps

Anonymous said...

dude just talk to her, u know wat i'll find out her name for u, and heres the icebreaker, " i saw u were kinda sad the other day, is everything ok?". or i can come up with somin more dramatic if u like. im good at that kinda stuff