Sunday, December 25, 2005

Another Iraqi Christmas

This is the first blog to originate from my laptop (via a flashdrive)... So Merry Christmas to Everyone of you... My Christmas??? Well let us just say that I have had better and leave it at that... I started my shift at 630pm Christmas eve and was relieved (by a not so jolly fat man with more stubble than flowing beard) At 0700 am Christmas morning. RFG, The Hadji and Myself headed over to the D-fac (as we do every morning) Once we got to the Dfac we saw a very small (8"x11") memo informing us that the Christmas hours were to be radically different than any other normal day... Long story short.... They had only served a Continental Breakfast and had been closed for about 25 minutes by the time we had reached the door... That ofcourse made all three of us so very happy.... (can you taste the Sarcasm???) I have to admit that once again I am somewhat saddened by the differences between this unit and my last. In my last unit Christmas was bitter sweet, yes it was sad that we were away from our families but seeing as how we had been in country since February. Christmas meant that we were almost home. Christmas this year means we have almost been here 3 months... In 'O3 Big Windy (my last unit) used every excuse to throw a party... Christmas being no exception, they went out of their way (with donations from a very helpful and outgoing FRG) They purchased something like 15 cases of NeerBeer (which in no country on earth is considered at all a good thing) and after about 45 minutes of trying to shotgun the completely non-alcoholic beverage, The Pilots concocted a crude BeerBong and tried to get some if any buzz off of that... They failed to be any less sober, although quite a number did wake up feeling bloated and with an incredible urge to urinate. The point of this is that those of us that were merely witness to their slightly pathetic attempts to drown their holiday blues, found it an absolute riot.... It was really freaking funny. Now here at 528th (we are not yet cool enough to have a unit nickname or mascot) with the exception of the slow numbing, slightly persistent throbbing headache (or Lt for short) singing carols a couple of nights ago with about twenty other soldiers... ( a nice attempt although out of key and barely audible) The 528th Qm company has apparently decided to completely ignore the holiday altogether. RFG and I had a nice Christmas lunch and watched the third season of Scrubs until he had to go to work. After that I went to a late dinner with two people I don't normally spend much time with.We had a very nice dinner. One of them actually happens to be from the Antelope Valley so we have some Palmdale love that goes way back. The other was with me at Camp Duke and is tolerable in small doses if nothing else. I hope I don't come off as bitter or unappreciated because I'm not honestly. All in All it was an Iraqi Christmas and what more can one ask for??? On a much happier note I do want to thank my grandparents for the package I received from them a couple of days ago. I don't know how you all feel about mail but over here all mail is greatly appreciated and packages are like little micro-Christmas all year long and always provide a smile no matter how hard the day was before receiving it. So again thank you very much grandma and grandpa... CCG you snail-mail letter is on the way, thank you so much for writing. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day ( A Canadian Holiday that I do not understand what so ever...Silly canucks!) So this is you favorite Scribe/Soldier wishing you all Seasons Greetings...

Random quote of the Day:
Life is not about how many breaths you take.
Life is about the moments that take your breath away.- Will Smith as Hitch


Gram & Gramps said...

Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor. Sorry your Christmas was so blah! It hasn't really felt like Christmas here either. No tradewinds, hot and lots of vog from the big island. At least we know you got your package in time (and since I mailed it so late, that's a Christmas miracle). Hope your little (ha! ha!) brother has received his - haven't heard from him yet. Let us know if you come across any guys from here. You can usually identify them by flashing a shaka sign. Since we have a picture of your brother flashing a shaka, we are assuming that Ted taught all of you how to do it.

By the way. When you were in Kuwait, did you happen to come across a guy named Mike Tiemann? He's a member of Gramps' chorus and is an Air Force Major or Colonel (not sure which, rank is never mentioned in the chorus) and went to Kuwait in late September. His wife is a surgical nurse and when he went to New Zealand with us last year he spent every moment that he wasn't singing on the phone to his wife. I hate to think of his phone bill now.

Remember, we love you very much.


Gram & Gramps

dr fish said...

very good movie and quote. makes me feel all warm and tingling inside