Saturday, August 06, 2005

First and foremost

So this is my first blog, which means it is probally not going to flow very well but i will do my best. The basic reason for this blog is so that i can keep everyone updated on what is going on over in Iraq.... My unit leaves in appox 2 months, so this will give everyone a chance to see what happens before a deployment and the goings on while i'm in iraq... this will be my second tour of the sandbox. I was there in Feb of 03 which is about a month before the actual war started... this tour promises to be much different as i am with a different unit and i will be in a different location. My first tour had many surprises and i don't expect any less from the current trip, My unit is starting block leave this month, meaning that people are given leave to go spend time with their famlies before they ship out. A few of us are staying back to make sure we are ready to go when the time comes. And i am one of them... this week we started packing and labeling our connex's (big metal boxes like the one Jackie Chan was stuck in in the movie
Medallion) with our footlockers and MWR (Moral/welfare/recreation) supplies these are basicly things like our Xbox's Ps2's TV's and other such not so nessessary nessessities... next week will probally be more of the same with alot of moving crap around to get the best fit... ill try and tell you all a little more about myself in my next blog... tell me what you think...

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